hearts and minds…

the heart is an enigma, like the mind. Both process information, but work in very different ways. Both systems work best when the other is fully operating. Both are fully capable of delusion. It’s a crap-shoot, actually, to say which one is more delusional, on a given day…

they seem to balance one another.  Optimally speaking, anyway!  In practice, both systems are wobbly, and both are capable of tipping us into an early grave.  Like cows.

i guess that’s how boys used to entertain themselves before they invented girls! Oh dreaded girls… Funny!

but that’s ok. Girls tip too.

anyway! The thinking mind works with digitized noises called ‘words.’ It draws them from the well of memory, and projects them onto the blank screen of the future. It has lots of space inside to work out all the variables. Or at least the ones it notices. Which can be a HUGE caveat, since the mind is loathe to see that which it fears it will not be able to manage gracefully.

the heart works by feel — the feeling mind. It can pick up small oscillations in the field of energy surrounding us, like a sea anemone, with long, ultra-sensitive, ultra-reactive feelers. It is capable of discerning what appears to the thinking mind as non-local information. Which can cause the mind to think maybe it can fix the problem by burning the witch, so to speak.  For obviously, if she dies, she WAS a witch, right?

you can see how the mind can get us into trouble!

and of course, the ways the heart can get us into trouble are legion. And actually drive our entertainment industry! At least the chick-flicks, so to speak. But really, in a general way, DRAMA is about what goes wrong in the chest-cavity in all the zillion ways it can. So even war can be seen as a problem of the heart, though it can’t take ALL the credit. War is an exercise in delusion on ALL levels of being…

so, in the inner workings of our ordinary insanity, BOTH are equally implicated, and NEITHER are well-understood.

Life sure set us up on this one! Sheez. *turns up the laugh track, weeps in her beer… *