between war and peace…

peace knows no desire
it is wanting that stirs the stars
wanting that makes matters meaningful
keeps us moving
keeps us topside
and away from the Void
of peace

our most hallowed wanting
perversely beckons from beyond ALL wanting

so the question is
how badly do we really want it?
enough to surrender desire itself?
to cast aside wanting?
to step beyond the whole matter
of mattering and meaning?
to clip the traces of civilization
and nose into the mystery

i find my most wanton desire
and most strategic helplessness
here, on the cusp of this divide
where no gale can bend me
yet a whisper cracks the world
with peace so close i can feel her whiskers
but impossibly unreachable
and no way to get there from here
if (but only if)
i in the least bit want to

all i hear is laughter
slamming through the canyons
combing the bones of this high plateau
a death-rattle, wilding my hair
piercing my dreams
and reminding me
between war and peace
where i am