the Game of Life

redemptionThe only way out is through
and the only way through is surrender
and surrender is death
to the flickering flame
while the embers are fanned
and the crucible incinerates
all we hold dear…

it’s not a terribly pretty picture
yet has teeth enough to alert you
to mind your step and open fully
to the intelligence influxing

do not dance on the strings of delusion
play-pretending an ordinary life —
you can only be wild and free
mysterious, magical and extraordinary
to lose yourself in THAT story!

to advance in the Game of Life
one must shoulder her burdens AND her gifts —
for they are the same…


mother moon

mother moon spoke to me
she told me it’s brave to do it alone
i said, i know – i love you, mother moon
thank you
and moved on through the heartbreak
swaddled in her silver, glowing
with light enough to see by
and echoes in my mind revealing
what a very large space i am
for getting lost in…