power plays

it’s about who is moving what, where.

it’s a practical thing.

and then, thousands of years of codified maneuvering form the lines of power most amenable to movement along them — and principles of power that coolly excise what works from what doesn’t. Clickety-clack. Zap!

and of course, it seems a natural thing that power amassed, wants only more of itself, like an electro-magnet dragged through the world. And like that magnet, it will hoard itself and guard itself from the sun and the moon and all that rustles and wrests between them.

and so it is that Power sees to draw a cloak about itself, and slips through its own lines in darkness — while the masses who grunt and toil in its name are kept blind, deaf and dumb to it’s way — even unto their nameless graves, as Power swaggers scything through untold aeons of mortal meat and bone.

but as with any charlatan, the innocent can see through the mirrored raimant, and expose the fraud forthwith (along with Aunt Hattie’s warts).  They see the masked appetites, and hear the howling from beaked belly.  And so their eyes are duly averted, if not gouged, and their minds yoked to the study of the master’s will – while their own will is with terror kept from wandering.  Many, even as adults, strive for the carrot ever dangled before them, and fear the lash of the master’s whip at their heels.

funny, that we call this ‘civilization!’